I feel anger’s stormy winds around me

Swirling within; feelings of disgust

My mind… is filled with fury

Release it somehow; I know I must

Anger strikes out at those nearest

Usually attacking those we love most

They feel the burn of words misspoken

Pain inflicted on any daring to be close

The world seems to be against me

As I see everything wrong in my life

I see only the darkness that is anger

I see no future; I see no light

I cannot escape this demon within me

I feel only the storm within my soul

I fight… to overcome him

But this demon will… not let go

I strike out at all around me

Regret only feeding the anger within

My body is engaged in battle

Anger victorious; claims the win

Whispering; that anger protects me

Without him… fear would win

It would grab hold; have me cowering

Anger is strength; anger is friend

My heart beats hard within me

Emotions’ confirming this is true

My mind…is filled with conflict

Grappling with emotions it must subdue

Anger… has won this battle

Causing pain… and regret

But I endure; I will persevere!

Screaming “This war isn’t over yet!”


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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