She had the heart of an angel

While on this earth…she dwelt

You could not help but love her

For everyone’s needs; she felt


She never knew a stranger

Her heart she shared…with everyone

She gave of her love and wisdom

If there was a need you knew she’d come


She treated all as her family

She tended to the old and the young

She comforted with her smile and talents

Of God’s gifts; she wasted none


Today would be her birthday

We wish she was with us to celebrate

But God has called her to His home

We know she waits for us at Heaven’s gate


Our angel will be remembered

We celebrate her life…her spirit…her song

We were blessed God shared her with us

Even though it did not seem very long


We will strive to imitate her

To show compassion, humility, and love

To comfort and care for those around us

Imagine her smile, as she watches from above


Angels now surround her

Comfort and love she now beholds

For all who read their Bible know…

You are promised to reap what you have sown


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell---dedicated to my Tia Betty., Who I will always see as an angel of mercy.  We celebrate today; the day of her birth. 

August 12,2006


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