You’re a voice from the past; you have found me

Traveling distance; irrelevant of time

You bring memories from an era pure and simple

You bring warmth… that envelops my mind


With you …the years are of no significance

I am young again; the vision of my past

Neither time nor hardship has touched me

I close my eyes praying this vision holds fast


You speak… with a heart filled with youthfulness

Now beating in the body of a man

Matured through time… and life experiences

Will you still desire the woman I now am?


Do you seek only the vision within your memory?

Do you seek only who you want me to be?

Or will you see your vision… “Within me”

Appreciate time’s path; appreciate… “Today’s”… me?


These questions though unspoken… seem to linger

As I wonder…intrigued by this voice from my past

Are we drawn together by… unresolved emotion?

Or through a bond that was always meant to last


Memories; Your voice…now surround me

I close my eyes; bringing the past into… today

Knowing that God… will bring forth what is intended

All things are possible… as we yield to His way


I close my eyes; allowing the past to come closer

The past’s significance within my future…is yet unknown

Putting my trust in… His voice… in my present

“What will be” …is known by God; alone


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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