Your voice; your words; seem to linger

Long after… I’ve hung up the phone

I’m smiling; remembering the laughter

Long after the conversation has gone


It’s funny knowing your voice as I answer

Knowing “you”; yet not “knowing” the man

Wondering as we speak of one day meeting

If you’re intrigued; excited…as I am


Time… has seemed to deepen the friendship

That could’ve easily; slowly… fizzled out

Without touch… without physical contact

Time wasted?...... a legitimate doubt


But your voice alone; has created memories

Of sharing dreams and ideals with a friend

Finding a spirit…so close to my own

Sharing a bond; not allowing it to end


I treasure the moments you share with me

There is a place in my life; you belong

You are more than a “voice”; you are part of me

My “love” for you will always stay strong


I believe… that each of us is significant

In the lives of those…that we “meet”

We fulfill a need; we are nourishment

Sometimes the “food”; sometimes only the seed


Your spirit…though far away…touches me

Your words…your laughter…I hold dear

You capture my heart when you speak to me

Far away…yet always…so near


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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