A single rose…

A symbol of love

Its beauty only deepens as time passes

It is beautiful at the onset

When it is new in bloom

A preview of the beauty that will develop

Wrapped tight upon itself with just the glimpse of color

Knowing that it will blossom

And open petal by petal

Each flower unique

Hidden in a bouquet

It appears as every other rose

But alone…

Each petal creates a unique beauty

As the flower opens it becomes more beautiful

The fragrance more aromatic

The colors more vivid

The velvety petals begin to fall

And create a palate of colors on the ground

Beauty carpets the area beneath

There is no waste

Beauty exists through every stage

The beauty of the flower in some way changes

Yet always remains the same

Time only serves to deepen the beauty of the rose

As it does to deepen the beauty of love

Time destroys nothing that God creates

It only changes the way in which the beauty is viewed

A single rose and …love

Both unique; both with a beauty to be admired

Both will blossom when tended by loving hands


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell


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