My heart is in turmoil

My emotions unsure

Insecurity envelops me

Disease without cure

Jealousy overtakes me

As my soul seeks to hide

Attempting to decipher

What I’m feeling inside

Passion has been tasted

From the lips of a friend

Now my heart is weary

As I’m without you again

There are no ties that bind you

To be jealous…I have no right

But my heart is torn and bruised

Knowing you sleep with her tonight

Intimacy has many levels

Physical touch is only one

Is your intimacy shared between us?

Yet the heart... already won

I question your intentions

Are they honest?  Are they pure?

Or have I been too trusting?

 Intimacy offered; a sexual lure

Am I tearing myself to pieces?

Sharing; offering myself…my best

Grasping for… “Intimacy”

Yet HER head rests upon your chest

Are we friends… that are intimate?

Are we intimate…in truth?

Physical passion by definition

Equals intimacy… only in youth

For what she possesses is deeper

As you lie next to her…in her bed

My heart aches but comprehends

To this truth… I’m finally led

So as a friend I will stand beside you

For your actions reveal your hearts voice

Your heart lies in the bed of another

My heart …will honor your choice

For I value your spirit; your goodness

I will be with you; always as your friend

My heart; always in your possession

A promise of “intimacy” that will not end


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell




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