There are many who claim Christianity

Every Sunday… church they will attend

The body gives a Christian performance

Yet the heart has the need to make amends

A Christian heart… should bear witness to the soul

Should be filled with compassion and love

Should be guided by God’s holy word

Should be a blessing sent from above

A Christian heart… should never be prideful

Should not seek to condemn everyone else

Should not gossip; speak unkindly of others

Should not need to stroke the ego of oneself

A Christian heart…must be true in its intention

Scripture and duty do not make a heart “true”

One must listen to the hearts gentle whisper

Asking oneself; “What would Jesus do?”

Beware of “practicing” Christianity

Practicing… but not letting God take hold

Not allowing the Christian heart to prosper

Thus not allowing… God’s grace to unfold



Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell



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