We all have angels…

Loved ones watching over us

Those that have gone to “A Better Place

They wait patiently for us…

Arms open to embrace us

A smile upon their angelic face


For they are in God’s presence

His love is all around them

No fear or pain will ever be known

They gaze upon us…

See our hearts crying for them

They wish they could tell us they’re already home


Not to cry for their bodies…

That housed God’s treasure

For their souls have finally found their way home

But to know they watch over us…

Still love and protect us…

And to know we are truly never alone


So…wipe away your tears

Feel God’s comfort around you

Our loved ones are truly in a “Better Place

Know that He loves and cherishes…

Every soul He created…

One day our souls…will our Father embrace


Written by TaVona Salaz Treadwell---To my Tio Charlie and all that have loved ones waiting in “A Better Place



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